Rohrdorf – Germany

The act of Partnership was signed: 20.05.2004 r.

Rohrdorf is a German commune in Upper Bavaria. It is located about 8 km southeast of Rosenheim, on the A8 motorway. The most important advantage of the town is its location, guaranteeing a view of the alpine landscape. It’s a perfect place for tourists looking for a rest away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

While visiting the area, it is worth to see the Historical Museum, located in a nearly 300- year-old farmhouse – one of its attractions is a wooden library. The church above the village under the invocation of St. James the Greater Apostle is another worth-seeing position. And those who are looking for a holiday by the water can feel invited to see Lake Thansau with

the beach, pier and full infrastructure.

The area around Rohrdorf is a paradise for cyclists. There are many cycling routes and tourist trails nearby, leading to the neighbouring Tyrol. We recommend trips with fragments of the Bodensee-Königssee road (its total length is approx. 400 km in the mountainous foothills of the Alps along numerous lakes, by the Bavarian palaces – the most famous Neuschwanstein became the inspiration for Disney’s opening credits).

In Rohrdorf, you can plan a short family bicycle trips around the area – the favourite route is the route around Rosenheim (its total length is about 70 km). The trail is very well marked, you do not need any maps, just take a bike and go on the road!

The initiative to establish partner relations between our Commune and the Commune of Rohrdorf was started by Walter Schatt, owner of the Schattdecor company, whose company headquarters is located in the German commune, and one of its Polish branches – in Tarnowo Podgórne. His striving for close cooperation with the local community resulted in contacts between employees of both companies, and then between residents. On May 20, 2004, the act of partnership was signed by the communal authorities of that time: Fritz Tischner and Kazimierz Marchlewski.

The face of our cooperation is primarily musical. The aforementioned Walter Schatt supports local brass bands, believing that encouraging children and young people to play together opens young musicians to the world, expands their horizons and makes them more sensitive. Thanks to the help of the Schattdecor company, the Youth Wind Orchestra Communal Culture Centre. The Da Capo Orchestra, functioning as an association, cooperated closely with the Schattdecor company.

The culminating points of our musical cooperation are the European Meetings of Orchestras, held alternately in Rohdorf (Germany), Rosate (Germany) and Tarnowo Podgórne.