Bardo – Poland

The act of Partnership was signed: 16.06.2000 r.

The act of partnership between the Commune of Tarnowo Podgórne and the Town and Commune of Bardo was signed on June 16, 2000. The cooperation began with a spontaneous telephone call to a randomly chosen local governmental unit from the area affected by the flood in July 1997 – Waldy Dzikowski, who was the Commune Head back then, called the Mayor of the Town and Commune of Bardo – Leszek Anklewicz, with the statement that he is ready to help. Citizens, companies and organizations immediately decided to help. We provided financial and material support. We established the first contacts, and some of them resulted in very close cooperation.

Nowadays, not only local governmental units cooperate closely, but also organizations and associations – it’s worth mentioning that fishing clubs regularly receive tournament invitations from the partners. Our commune participated in the “Spływ na BeleCzym” initiative – rafting on self-made constructions (in 2015, the design of Ireneusz Rembalski from Przeźmierowo placed third in the audience voting!). A touring group of citizens of Tarnowo Podgórne has also participated in the Bardo City Days. We have also worked with Bardo to organize a holiday stay for children from Kamieniec Podolski (Ukraine) – in 2015 and 2016 a group of 50 children and their carers came for a weekly stay in our Commune, and then moved to Bardo.

Bardo is a picturesque town, located at the beginning of the Kłodzko Valley, which arouses many emotions among visitors. City of Miracles is not just an advertising slogan – many historical stories describe religious miracles that have taken place over the centuries.

In the centre there is a minor basilica with the greatest treasure of the city – the Miraculous Figurine of Saint Mary of Bardo, the Guardian of Faith, which is the oldest Marian sculpture in Poland. It’s the destination point of many pilgrims and


During the summer season there is a cyclical event taking place called “Bardzkie Lato Organowe” (“Summer with Organs in Bardo”), where many world-class musicians perform. The town has its traditions such as Easter Egg Fair or the City Days. There is a Christmas crib with moving figures and the Museum of Religious Art that can be seen near the basilica. There is also a tourist information point next to it, where you can get a map and free promotional materials, watch a movie showing the assets of the town and continue the sightseeing.

The most popular walking routes are the Rosary Hill with beautiful chapels and the Way of the Cross, where you can follow the trail and visit the Mary’s Spring, the castle ruins and the observation deck with a cross from which a beautiful view of the town and the surrounding area stretches. At the top, there is a small church where, according to the applications, the Mother of God appeared. You can go further through picturesque trails or return to Bardo.

City of Miracles is not composed only of sacral monuments, but also of active tourism. Walks in the mountains, bicycle paths and rafting or kayaking trips on Nysa Kłodzka will satisfy the most demanding tastes. There is a base in town that is located in close proximity to various attractions of the Kłodzko Valley.